Effective method to Use Kaspersky Protection With The New Versions of Google Chrome

Web companies are doing their best to ensure clients and bring them better security arrangements. The same goes for Google, which as of late reported that the Chrome browser will now work with extensions just from the official Chrome Web Store. As per the article.
Google Chrome

So as the engineer of security items, we faced an issue here: how would we ensure our clients against phishing, vindictive sites, keyloggers and different threats spreading everywhere throughout the Internet. Before now, protection was carried out by unique plugins, which are certainly familiar to you, so there is no compelling reason to show them here. Be that as it may, now every one of these augmentations is out of the new Chrome policy: beginning from version 33 the browser won’t work with our old extensions.

Obviously, Kaspersky Lab couldn’t leave things like this, so we’re currently showing the new Google Chrome plug-in — Kaspersky Protection.

How can I secure my home windows system against malware?

We’re currently exhibiting the new Google Chrome plug-in — Kaspersky Protection.

This extension is packaged with the as of late released patch F and includes three parts: Virtual Keywords, Safe Money, and Block dangerous sites module. No special efforts are required: subsequent to introducing the fix and restarting Windows, Chrome will get some information about another plug-in:
kaspersky protection

Tap the ‘Enable extension’ button and restart the browser. From that point, all old plug-ins will be disabled:

Google Chrome Enable Extension

Presently you can manually delete them and your Internet browsing is secured!

As should be obvious in the screenshot, Anti-banner and Kaspersky URL Advisor plug-ins are still enabled. They will be alive until the end of the migration period, which is set by Google Chrome developers. After that time, these plug-ins won’t work with Chrome any longer.

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