For what reason Newly-Wed Brides Throw Rice During Their Vidai?


The wedding season for Vidai is here. Indian weddings are out and out an exhibition, the arrangements for which start days ahead of time. From booking the correct setting to getting the ideal food providers and masterminding the best decorators – there’s a great deal that goes into making a wedding unique and critical. Indian weddings are additionally brimming with old customs and ceremonies, which may appear to be strange and are difficult to comprehend yet they regularly convey a profound representative and otherworldly importance.

One such prevalent custom did at the season of Vidai in a Hindu wedding (when the lady of the hour withdraws from her maternal home) is the point at which the recently married lady of the hour is solicited to toss a modest bunch from rice behind as she strolls ahead with her significant other towards his home. As she makes her initial couple of strides towards her new home, why is she made to toss some crude rice behind? We have the appropriate response you’re searching for.

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The motion is regularly observed as a token of gratitude. By throwing rice, the lady expresses gratitude toward her folks for bolstering her so well since adolescence and having adored her so warmly. The modest bunch of rice is a token of affirmation for the unrestricted love, care, and worry that her folks and relatives have given her. Rice holds incredible significance in Hindu custom. It is considered as an image of flourishing. As the lady of the hour walks towards her new home, she favors her maternal home that she abandoning and appeals to God for the flourishing of her family.

In Hindu custom, little girls are viewed as a type of Goddess Laxmi who is likewise the goddess of nourishment and riches. Along these lines, when the little girl withdraws from her maternal home, it is viewed as promising on her part to toss some rice (representative of sustenance) behind to guarantee that her house is constantly honored with material and otherworldly flourishing. It is additionally trusted that the lady of the hour is urged to abandon all the profound obligations that she may have towards her parents. Thus, that when she starts her new journey in her marital home she does so without any baggage.

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