Raju Gari Gadhi 2 review – A Good Horror Fare

Raju Gari Gadhi -2, Nagarjuna, Samantha

What’s the film Raju Gari Gadhi 2 about?

A ghost haunts a resort owned by 3 friends. They meet a Mentalist Rudra (Nagarjuna)to resolve the issue. What did Rudra (Nagarjuna) discover and the way the problem solved, is what the movie is all about?
How is Nagarjuna’s overall performance?

First of all, Nagarjuna should be liked again for picking up a subject that suits his age and yet delivers the required heroism expected from a top megastar like him. The man or woman ratings on both counts which are a win-win scenario for every person. Secondly, there is nothing over the top, and Nagarjuna just takes the narrative ahead with his easy fashion and charisma. No wonderful performing moments,
however, there is not anything stupid either course through Omkar?That Ohmkar isn’t merely a fad and has precise directorial capabilities has been proved without doubt by means of his first films Raju Gari Gadhi 2 further establishes that reality. once more, the director returns to his horror comedy terrain and offers on the laughs with a predictable but attractive tale. there is a slight jaded feeling to start with wherein it seems like Ohmkar is using the edited-out scenes from Raju Gari Gadhi with exclusive actors and set up. But, once we got into the crux of the plot with the seriousness taking on, the narrative changed dramatically and the director engages 1/2 an hour before the c program language period from the advent of Rudra (Nagarjuna) is extraordinary. The fillers once more start the second 1/2, however, agreat intrigue is constructed at the important mystery. The actual flashback appears routine and predictable and takes away the ‘sparkling’ sheen. but, the performances and earnest execution make up for it. In a manner, Raju Gari Gadhi 2 is towards Genius, the directorial debut of Ohmkar than Raju Gari Gadhi that become out and out amusing. normal, regardless of the predictability and clichés, RGG2 is a decent one time watch as its properly- done.

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Samantha and others?

Samantha has a short screen time. She appears inside the 2nd 1/2 but makes her presence felt all the way. Even in the few scene she has, she supplies an extremely good performance.The climax rests completely on her and such is her presence that others get relegated to the heritage. aside from Nagarjuna and her, there are 3 primary characters essayed by means of Ashwin, Vennela Kishore, and Praveen. they’re all good enough and do their jobs properly. Seerat Kapoor is used for glamour, and she or he grants oodles of it. Naresh iso.k. Rao Ramesh in a short component is his standard self. Shakalaka Shankar gets one scene to shine which he makes complete use of. Abhinaya impresses in the vital collection.

Song and other departments?

Musically there is nothing in the film as there are no songs inside the typically predictable feel. it is all approximately historical past score, and SS Thaman gives you every another on in all his career great works. The cinematography is near and so is the editing. Dialogues are in sync with the narrative. Highlights?Casting historical past rating Pre-language period and interval Pre-Climax, Climax.


The beginning half of-an-hour Predictable story, horror is not expected to the limit it is pretty ordinary to guess and not so scary.

Alternative Take

ultimately, the film changed into greater simplistic. Making it a mystery based totally narrative by using reducing down on repetitive comedy blocks would be an alternative take.

bottom LINE

A satisfactory Horror Fare

OUR rating   =  2.75/5

CENSOR ‘U/A’ certified, 2 hrs 07 minutes

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