No bullock cart race in Maharashtra: Bombay HC broadens boycott, calls sport cruel


Chief equity watched that the making of influencing a bullocking to run would add up to cold-bloodedness. Despite the fact that Maharashtra government has revised the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, Bombay High Court has broadened the restriction on bullock truck race.

Indeed, even as Maharashtra government chose to proceed with advising the tenets for bullock truck hustling in the state, Bombay High Court has broadened the prohibition on the game.

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This implies there will be no bullock truck hustling in Maharashtra this Diwali.

Consistently post-Ganesh Chaturthi festivities, bullock truck hustling in incredible numbers are sorted out, however, Bombay High Court’s boycott in the state won’t allow the authorization to do as such this year. bullock cart racing has been a mainstream convention in a few sections of Maharashtra and is known as Bailgada Sharyat or Shankarpat in different parts of the state. In any case, this year after Bombay HC’s boycott, numerous coordinators won’t have the capacity to release the speed of the trucks wild.


The Bombay High Court in August had requested that the Maharashtra government frame rules with the alterations in Maharashtra’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, which would investigate and represent the bullock truck racing.The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Maharashtra Amendment) Act 2017, in any case, states plainly that the coordinators of bullock truck dashing would need to be affirmed by the separate area gatherers.

In any case, now that the administration has altered the principles and is going to inform it, boss equity Manjula Chellur watched, “The very demonstration of influencing a bullock to run would add up to mercilessness. Could a correction to the law change this reality?”

The Chief Justice said, “If Supreme Court says that bullocks are performing creatures at that point let them say as much. Starting at now, we are bound by SC’s perception, however, bullocks are not performing creatures and on the off chance that they are set up for races, the creatures experience torment and enduring.”Bombay High Court is additionally hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) recorded by a Pune inhabitant Ajay Marathe looking for a course to stop the ‘traditional sport’.

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