Jr NTR Jai Lava Kusa Review

NTR, Jai Lava Kusa Review

Movie Name:                   Jai Lava Kusa
Movie Cast:                      Jr NTR, Nivetha Thomas, Rashi Khanna
Movie Director:              KS Ravindra (Bobby)
Music Director:              Devisri Prasad
Production:                     NTR Arts
Date of Release:             September 21, 2017

Jr NTR – Jai Lava Kusa Review

There are few occurrences in our Telugu film industry where our on-screen characters tripled parts in a single film. Sr. NTR, ANR, Krishna, Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna had done that and nobody in more youthful era has set out. In any case, there is an on-screen character who has the ability to hypnotize group of onlookers just with his extreme execution for any given part and he is currently accompanying Jai Lava Kusa which denotes his execution of triple parts as Jai, Lava, and Kusa which is delivered by Nandamuri Kalyan Ram under his NTR expressions pennant and which is being guided by Bobby to who scored a catastrophe with his past Pawan Kalyan starrer. Everybody is stunned when NTR offered an opportunity to this slump executive and how about we perceive how he convinced NTR to do a movie toward him.


Jai, Lava, and Kusa (NTR) are three siblings who resemble the other alike. They are famous for the shows they act. Because of the inability of stammering, Lava and Kusa alongside their uncle (Posani Krishna Murali) disregards Jai and makes him a manikin for their errands. Jai, who needs to substantiate himself and make his own particular personality is harmed severely and he changes himself into Raavana, enlivened by the Ramayana character. He sets the phase ablaze and chooses to slaughter Lava and Kusa. They all survive the fire mischance and how they meet with a holding of fellowship following twenty years frame whatever remains of the story.

Jr NTR, Jai Lava Kusa

Cast and Performance

Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao, NTR, to put it plainly, is the greatest and the greatest picture of the film. His execution as Jai will be associated with quite a while. All that he has improved the situation Jai part as far as lingual authority, non-verbal communication and articulations are fabulous. Magma is adorable and NTR again hypnotized with his innocent and calm expressions. Kusa is clever and this is again observing NTR taking care of business which appeared like the blend of Chari from Adhurs and Raja from Yamadonga. Raashi Khanna and Nivetha Thomas are great and looked great. Posani Krishna Murali is decent. Sai Kumar and Ronit Roy exceeded expectations in their parts. Every single other performer is great in their given parts.

Writing Department

The story of this Jai Lava Kusa is simple and routine. The screenplay is good and dialogues are superb in some sequences and Kona’s rhyming could have avoided.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad are nice and Raavana and Nee kallalona are chartbusters. Every song works well in the movie with the moves of NTR. DSP did a good job in composing background score and the song that comes during climax and childhood sequences of Jai Lava Kusa is superb with well-written lyrics. Cinematography by Chota K Naidu is superb and he has done a fantastic job in handling three roles with the support of vfx team which did a nice job. Editing could have been better and action sequences are composed well. Art department did a nice job and production values are apt



emotional scenes

Jai Introduction

Couple of melodies

Minus Points

Conflicting screenplay


Jai Lava Kusa is an account of fellowship. It rotates around Jai who lost himself for the sake of Ravana, a character from Ramayana because of the conduct of his siblings and his uncle in his youth. The adventure and change of Jai into Raavana and Raavana into Jai, at last, is the center plot. This motion picture couldn’t have conceivable without NTR. His acting probability can be obviously experienced with the three differing parts he played in this motion picture. Executive Bobby could have focused more on his screenplay to improve Jai Lava Kusa even one. To condense, Jai Lava Kusa is NTR one-man show.

Movie Rating : –  3/5

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