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All of us must have learned about Google and We use it in our day to day life to search for everything. If we have any question in our mind, we simply go to Google and ask it about our query.  Google will show us all the answer linked to our query. But very few people know about the Google Search Tips to get the exact result from Google.

Here I have described some basic Google Search Tips as well as some Google secrets, you might not know before. So you can upgrade and get the specific result for your question.Google Search Tips

Group search to Get exact match

you can get the exact match for your query by enclosing your group of words with quotes. For example, if you want to search for Google tips and tricks, You can get an excellent result if you write it in quotes like “Google tips and tricks”.

Remove specific words from search result

If you want to remove specific words from your search result, you can remove it with minus sign.For example, if you want to search for Mobile Tips and Tricks and want to remove iPhone a word from search result then you can write “Mobile Tips and Tricks” -iPhone.

You can use range of numbers in your search query

You can use number ranges in your search query. For example, if you want to search for Google tips and tricks between the year 2012 to 2017, then you can type: “Google tips and tricks” 2012..2017

Use wildcards in search result

You can use the * wildcard in your search. Google can understand it. For example, if you search for “longest * in the world“. Google will give all results like longest building in the world, longest men in the world, longest roads in the world etc.

Use Google Timer Alarm and Stopwatch

You can use Google for Alarm and Stopwatch. Just type Google Timer in Google search box and it will display you Alarm and stopwatch. Just set it and it will work for you.

Use different Google operators

Google has so many operators and functions, that you can use in your query to get the best result as per your need.

define word – If you want to know the definition of any words, simply type define before words and you will get the definition of it. – If you want to get the search result for any particular domain, add “site:” followed by a domain name. For example, you can type “computer” to get the results with “computer” in them but only from website. Note: don’t add space between site: and domain name.

allintitle:”Tips and tricks” – You can use “allintitle:” before any query to get the search results that will appear in the title of the page. e.g., If you will type allintitle:”Tips and Tricks”, you will get the result with Tips and tricks on the title page. Note: don’t add space between “allintitle:” and search query.

allinurl: internet – You can use “allinurl:” before your search query to get that text in Website URL. e.g. typing “allinurl:internet” in the search result will give you all results with word “internet” in the website URL.

Use of more advanced searches

Here are the more advanced searches and explanation about it.

intitle:index.of + mp4 -php -pls -html -htm -ahp -txt

When we entered this query in Google, It will display all result for any index of MP4 files that are not in a PHP, PLS, HTML, OR TXT web pages. You can replace mp4 with avi or any other file extensions to get the result for those files.

intitle:index.of + mp4 “<artist name, group, or track>” -php -html -pls -asp -htm -txt

You can replace “<artist name, group or track>” with the artist’s name, group or track or the name of the MP4 videos you want to search.


Copy and paste this code into Google, it will give you the insecure live webcams results and with some of the webcam services also allow you to manage the cameras over the Net.

These are only some examples of Google parameter. You can do more than this using Google search tipsIf you know other than this result, you can share it here in comments.

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