Beware! Diseases You Never Identified Your Microwave Was Creating

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Beware Creating Microwave ovens could be one of the most common kitchen appliances nowadays, but the radiation they release deplete nutrients from food and cause harm to our bodies.


  • The microwave affects the quality of food
  • Microwave ovens have a negative impact on our health
  • Microwave radiation can cause cancer

Microwave ovens remain one of the several regular kitchen appliances found in all Indian kitchens. The device offers excellent service regarding cooking and recooking cooked foods, and therefore most people in the marketplace tend to place them in their kitchens. Water heating over the heats of milk to prepare fast food products such as Maggie noodles, popcorn, and microwave ovens pie is a savior for people who are concerned about their jobs or to stay away from their family.

Comfort like this, however, comes at a price. According to a study by Swiss scientist Hans Hertel, cooking food cooked in the microwave consumes its nutritional properties. The high level of pollution used to heat/cook food distorts the molecules in food, creating harmful radioactive compounds.

How do microwaves work?

How convenient is enough to press the ‘start’ button and wait a minute for your food to heat up the night before!

Now let’s see what happens when you press the start button. Immediately after pressing the button, small waves of energy move inside the oven. These microwaves release electromagnetic radiation. The waves oscillate rapidly to about 2,500 megahertz (2.5 GHz) per minute. It’s about the same frequency as your phone.

What can all microwave ovens cause?

According to many researchers, microwave ovens can sometimes weaken your immune system and cause congenital weaknesses. There has also been an increased risk of cancer with regular use of microwaves. Reduces its resistance to bacterial and viral infections and if you eat in the microwave for a long time. According to Hans’ study, microwave nutrition leads to the degeneration of food. Another study concluded that microwaves could also result in high blood sugar levels.

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How to use your microwave safely.

If you mention the disadvantages, that does not mean you should not use this innovation. You can use the microwave because there are also investigations that support the safe use of microwaves, but you must know how to use it correctly. Although a microwave oven can be used in a healthy and easy to cook way, make sure it is in excellent condition and you only need to use a safe microwave container. These are some safety precautions you can take.

  • Avoid using a microwave oven to heat/cook babies or children.
  • Stir food thoroughly while cooking / hot in the microwave and never more than the suggested time.
  • Use a microwave to cook vegetables instead of eating meat and snacks.
  • Always test the temperature of breast milk when heated in the microwave.
  • Ideally, do not microwave.Do not overheat water and other liquids. In fact, avoid microwaves to heat / boil liquid foods or water.
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